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Wireless IFE

quick and light solution

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Wireless IFE

A wireless in-flight entertainment system for those who seek a solution that is both quick to install and easy to operate


A light in-flight entertainment option with a high capacity and features

  • Video and audio content
  • Interactive games
  • Airline-specific interface design
  • 3D Flight Map
  • Custom POI spots for maps
  • Flight information
  • Survey
  • Digital magazine and e-books
  • IFE usage statistics
  • Advertisement placement opportunities

Always ready for operation with the power it draws from the aircraft.

  • It is quick to install, and the aircraft can return to service in a short time.
  • It can easily be accessed from Web and Mobile browsers.
  • Users can access thousands of content items from their web browsers by simply connecting to the Wi-Fi network, without installing any mobile application.
  • It is always ready for operation with the power it draws from the aircraft.
  • Its maintenance and operating costs are low.
Operating System

Supported Operating Systems and Browsers

  • Apple / IOS Safari
  • Android/ Google  Chrome
  • Web / Internet Explorer
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