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Portable IFE

The most practical
entertainment system

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Portable IFE

A handbag-sized, portable entertainment system that enables content streaming anywhere.


The most practical In-Flight Entertainment System

  • Video and Audio contents
  • Interactive games
  • Daily newspapers and magazines
  • Advertisement placement opportunities
  • E-surveys
  • Flight information
  • 3D Moving map
  • DRM protection to prevent content piracy
  • Passenger Usage Statistics
  • Easy media update
  • Airline-specific interface design
  • 1TB data storage
  • Replaceable batteries
  • No STC required
  • No connection with aircraft
  • No cabling
  • Easy to operate
  • No maintenance cost

Thanks to its low cost, it allows airlines to offer IFE service even with the most limited budgets

  • No onboard installation or STC is required.
  • It is ready for immediate use.
  • As it is light and small, it does not cause a heavy load or occupy much space.
  • It can be transferred to different aircraft if desired.
  • Thanks to its low cost, it allows airlines to offer IFE service even with the most limited budgets
  • Empty batteries can be replaced in seconds without increasing the operational load.
  • There is no need to take the product to the maintenance station for media updates.
  • Media updates can be completed quickly by simply replacing the disk.
Operating System

Supported operating systems and browsers

  • Apple IOS Safari
  • Android Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently asked questions for portable IFE

Does Portable IFE draw power from the aircraft?

Portable IFE has been designed to run on battery power so that it does not require STC and provides maximum portability. However, the installation can be modified to draw power from the aircraft.

How long does a battery last?

Up to 12 hours (the battery life varies depending on usage).

Does the system require any certification or installation?

Our Portable IFE is a portable and non-aircraft-mounted system; so it does not require any certification or installation for use on aircraft.

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