TCI currently has two production divisions, which are located inside Habom MRO facilities, in Sabiha Gokcen International Airport, Istanbul. The primary manufacturing site, 4000 sq meter is housing advanced mechanical testing, repairing, and production of cabin interior units, as well as tooling shops, and final assembly lines with multi-skilled workforce. Secondary identically sized production site is sheltering the main stockroom, panel assembly lines, decor rooms, bonding rooms, engineering offices, enclosed FAI rooms, and final assembly lines, allowing multi-program operations in one facility.

TCI is highly focused on manufacturing light weighted & durable products, using a range of honeycomb composite panels and related ultra-lightweight metal parts. TCI's modern production techniques and high quality workmanship result with a proven product; that could be an ideally sized smart bar, an outstanding monument, a well-tailored cabin furniture, an ergonomic stowage, or an absolute galley, that allow airliners reducing their fuel and service costs.

Since our founding, TCI has already manufactured and delivered wide body & narrow body aircraft cabin interior units for the worldwide commercial aircraft makers. The company continuously develops modular galley equipment and IFE controlled display systems, facilitating the cabin crew needs in flights.