Aircraft Interiors Expo, 2015 Hamburg

TCI Cabin Interior Inc. has participated in International Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg this year, in April 2015. TCI displayed the newest products and they had numerous meetings with visitors, suppliers and important clients in the Hamburg Messe-Expo Center.

At the show, the company exhibited two wide body and one narrow body aircraft galleys, which are admired by the exhibition visitors and airline representatives. Mr.Burak Gultemiz, Business Development and Sales Manager explained:  “We highly focused on design and manufacture light-weighted and durable products since we founded, and I believe our products will be the top favorite cabin interior units, by most of the airliners in the following years.”

TCI galleys offer remarkable advantages for the cabin crew and flight operations, such as; modularity function of compartments allows users to replace two standard unit containers with the oven. Therefore the companies are gaining an option to heat the food during flight or keep them neutral inside the standard unit boxes, depending on their routes. Moreover, lighter but more durable material usage of the galleys brings significant fuel-economy for the long flights. These unique features and distinct flexibility in design options make TCI Cabin Interior very exclusive in the market.

The company is adapting for the future, and Turkish engineers are already started developing IFE systems, integrated video options, enhanced safety and security systems, and they are experimenting modernized electrical structures on the galleys, in the headquarters office in Istanbul, Turkey.