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Our Human Resources Policy

As the only company manufacturing Aircraft Interiors in Türkiye, TCI offers employment opportunities in various positions to both recent graduates and experienced candidates.
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Our fair, transparent, and egalitarian Human Resources policy aims to make career plans for employees, to allow them to show their potential, and to create a work environment where each employee adds value to TCI, contributes to its growth, and is valued, and a high-performance, development-oriented, highly engaged, happy, productive, successful, and healthy workforce that shows strong and effective leadership in every field. In this regard, our Human Resources policy applies to human resources planning, developing job descriptions, fostering corporate culture and corporate awareness, employment, performance management, training and development, personnel procedures, social and economic benefits, ensuring employee satisfaction, work arrangement, and disciplinary and reward procedures.

Career Management

We implement promotion and horizontal progression system based on the needs of our company and the career development goals of our employees, and we create horizontal and vertical career development opportunities for our employees.

Training and Personal Development

Continuous development is essential in order to adapt to changing circumstances and maintain the successful performance of the company. We consider our employees as our greatest resource that needs to be developed in parallel with the continuous development of our company. In this context, training needs are identified jointly by the employees and their managers, considering the professional and personal development and current and potential duties of the employees, and are met in line with the training plans made across the company.

Occupational Health and Safety

We embrace the occupational health and safety culture as a natural part of professional life and corporate culture and aim to ensure its continuous development. We carry out occupational health and safety practices in accordance with the applicable regulations, obligations, and standards, and constantly follow and adapt national and global trends and best practices in this field.

Recruitment Process

The main purpose of our recruitment process is to find and recruit suitable human resources to achieve our domestic and national goals in the aerospace industry. When creating these human resources, we offer part-time employment opportunities to students who are at the beginning of their careers, in order to help them advance in our industry.

Social Opportunities

Many social opportunities are offered to our employees, including transportation (shuttle) service, food service on working days, health service provided by our workplace physician, private health insurance, pre-school education (nursery) for the children of female employees, and other social rights under the Labor Law No. 4857.


Our employees are granted annual leaves of varying lengths depending on their length of service under the Labor Law No. 4857. Furthermore, our employees may also take casual leaves, disaster leaves, maternity / paternity leaves, or bereavement leaves.

Working Hours

The working hours at our office located at Sabiha Gökçen Airport are flexible between 07:00-16:00 and 09:00-18:00.

Career Opportunities

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